What is Media Advocacy?

Media advocacy is the strategic use of newsmaking through TV, radio and newspapers to promote public debate, and generate community support for changes in community norms and policies. Advocating for the goals of safe, healthy and prosperous communities, identifying barriers to strategic policy implementation, and sharing current research through newsmaking all help policy makers and the general public to more fully engage in creating systemic changes that improve the world we live in.

Members of the general public are the ultimate decision-makers and opinion leaders in our society. Community attitudes, beliefs, norms, and practices are shaped by the dialogues that take place within families and the social networks we experience in our everyday lives.

The manner in which policy makers and the public understand and resolve the challenges faced by communities in today's world, is guided by the quality of information available to them. The news media, as a primary source of information, play a very powerful role in shaping the public dialogues that eventually form community rules and standards.

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