Preparing for the Interview

Always ask yourself:

1. Do you want to give the interview?
2. Why are you giving this interview?

  • To inform
  • To persuade

3. Who is the audience?

  • What is their level of understanding?
  • What is their attitude?

4. What are your objectives? Ask yourself "At the end of the interview I want the audience to . . ."

  • understand the new rules on . . .
  • know the difference between . . .
  • develop alternatives on . . .

Preparing for the Interview

1. Briefing sheet — anticipated Qs and As.
2. Learn about reporter/interviewer's style, bias, by listening to or watching the show.
3. Know who your real audience is and speak to their ability to understand.
4. Determine your message
5. Determine your media "sound" bite.

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