Education Grant Support From the Licensed Beverage Information Council

The AMA will: (1) not accept funding directly from beer, wine, and distilled spirits companies for the support of any AMA program; (2) continue to accept educational grants from the Licensed Beverage Information Council (LBIC) in order to augment its current educational activities designed to protect the health of the public, provided that the following criteria are followed: (a) the AMA continues to apply the Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education of the ACCME, but in the selection of topics and faculty, and in program development, the AMA will be independent of LBIC input; (b) the AMA maintains complete control of the promotion and distribution of the CME materials produced and accepts no accompanying informational materials to its programs without prior review and approval; and (c) all AMA video or printed continuing education programs must contain a message to physicians that explains the AMA policy regarding alcohol abuse and dependence. (BOT Rep. AAA, A-93)