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Alcohol Advertising and Depiction in the Public Media

Our AMA recommends: (1) that additional well-designed research be conducted under impartial and independent auspices to provide more definitive evidence on whether, and in what manner, advertising contributes to alcohol abuse;

(2) that producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages discontinue advertising directed toward youth, such as promotions on high school and college campuses;

(3) that advertisers and broadcasters cooperate in eliminating television program content that depicts the irresponsible use of alcohol without showing its adverse consequences (examples of such use include driving after drinking, drinking while pregnant or drinking to enhance performance or win social acceptance);

(4) that health education labels be used on all alcoholic beverage containers and in all alcoholic beverage advertising (with the messages focusing on the hazards of alcohol consumption by specific population groups especially at risk, such as pregnant women, as well as the dangers of irresponsible use to all sectors of the populace); and

(5) that the alcohol beverage industry be encouraged to accurately label all product containers as to ingredients, preservatives and ethanol content (by percent, rather than by proof). (BOT Rep. Q, A-86; Reaffirmed: Sunset Report, I-96; Reaffirmation A-97; Reaffirmation I-01)

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