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Of students that drank, underage college students were more likely to suffer the following alcohol-related problems than their of-age counterparts:

Alcohol-related problem % underage w/problem % of-age w/problem
Get behind in school work 25 24
Do something you later regret 44 35
Forget where you were or what you did 34 25
Argue with friends 28 23
Engage in unplanned sexual activity 27 22
Damage property 13 10
Get into trouble with campus or local police


Get hurt or injured 15 10
Require medical treatment for alcohol overdose .8 .4
Have five or more alcohol-related problems 23 20

Source:  “Environmental Correlates of Underage Alcohol Use and Related Problems of College Students,” by H. Wechsler et al., “American Journal of Preventive Medicine,” © 2000, vol. 19 no. 1, pp 24-29.