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Top 10 Warning Signs that Your Child's Campus Community May be Contributing to Binge Drinking

  1. Is your child's college surrounded by a high density of bars and liquor stores?
  2. Do the bars in your child's community promote drink specials such as nickel pitchers or ladies night that encourage high-risk drinking?
  3. Are bar owners in your child's community required to train their employees to check IDs and not to serve underage or intoxicated persons?
  4. Are there penalties for bar owners who violate underage serving laws, and are local police enforcing these penalties?
  5. Does your child's college have a clearly defined alcohol policy that is widely publicized and consistently enforced, including a policy to control high-risk drinking at fraternities and sororities as well as residence halls?
  6. Does the alcohol industry sponsor your child's college's athletic program, or other campus programs and events? Does the industry fund the college's alcohol prevention efforts?
  7. Do the bars and other venues that serve alcohol in your child's community limit entry to patrons who are 21 years old and over?
  8. Does your child's college offer alcohol-free residence halls and activities?
  9. Is there a coalition in place of campus and elected officials, local police, and business owners working together to eliminate drink specials and other factors on campus and in the surrounding community that contribute to binge drinking?

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