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AMA pleased with NBC decision to drop hard liquor ads

Doctors group hopes all networks will make voluntary ban permanent

March 20, 2002
Statement attributable to:
J. Edward Hill, MD
AMA chair-elect

"The American Medical Association is very pleased that NBC has decided to drop its plans to accept hard liquor advertising. This decision sends a clear message that even in difficult economic times, the health and safety of our young people is worth far more than advertising dollars. The public pressure exerted on NBC sent a clear message that our nation will not tolerate exposing young people to even more dangerous influences on television. We hope all networks will continue to honor the voluntary ban that has been in place for decades."

"The AMA will continue monitoring this important issue and will not hesitate to speak out again should more hard liquor advertising make its way to our network airwaves. Our thousands of member physicians are committed to reducing the problem of underage drinking in this country, and this is one important step toward that goal. We commend NBC for its socially responsible decision on this important matter."

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