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Brain Comparisons/ Slide 3 large

College Age Drinkers: Reduced Brain Function

These are pictures of the brain taken from fMRI.  They brain images non-alcoholic and alcoholic youth, a top view looking down, just above ear-level.  The warm colors show parts of the brain that were active for the memory task given during the scanning session.  Cool colors show parts that were not very active during this task.
You can see that the overall pattern of activation is similar, but not identical, patterns between groups.  
In slide 4, you'll see a statistical comparison of the alcoholics' versus nonalcoholics' patterns.

Participants aged 18-25. Source: Tapert SF, Brown GG, Kindermann SS, Cheung EH, Frank LR, Brown SA (2001).  fMRI Measurement of Brain Dysfunction in Alcohol-Dependent Young Women.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.  25 (2):236-245.

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Updated December 09, 2002