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Brain Comparisons/ Slide 1 large

15-16 Year Old Abusers Have Less Recall

Excerpt from source: . . . This slide shows the results of our study that compared alcoholic teenagers to non-drinking comparison teens (age 15-16).  The alcoholic teens were in a treatment program at the time of cognitive testing, so we know they hadn't drank in several weeks.  
When we asked the teens to remember a grocery list of words and also some drawings, they had a harder time remembering the information several minutes later than the other kids did.
In fact, they were about a whole “grade” worse that the nonabusing teens.  This could make the difference between earning an A or a B in school, or even between passing and failing.  

Source: Brown SA, Tapert SF, Granholm E, Delis DC (2000).  Neurocognitive Functioning of Adolescents: Effects of Protracted Alcohol Use.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.  24 (2):164-171

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Updated December 09, 2002