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Case Histories in Reducing High-Risk Drinking Among College Students

A Matter of Degree Advocacy Initiative:
Universities and community groups can work together to change local public policies to reduce alcohol problems. This book presents the case histories of how four campus-community coalitions in Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska and Vermont worked in 2000-02 through media advocacy, strategic planning and community organizing to help change policies and the community environments that affect student high-risk drinking.

To obtain free hard copies of the case histories, call (312) 464-4516 or email: Tina_Mosley@ama-assn.org

To view entire book (
pdf file - 2.1 MB)
Or to view individual chapters:
Table of Contents (
pdf file - 65 KB)
Acknowledgements and Preface (pdf file - 69 KB)
Executive Summary (
pdf file - 176 KB)
A Matter of Degree: Setting the Stage for Change
by Richard A. Yoast, PhD (
pdf file - 240 KB)
A Matter of Degree: The Advocacy Initiative
Brief Overview of the Initiative's Purpose and Planning (
pdf file - 190 KB)
The Advocacy Initiative Model and Emerging Themes (
pdf file - 202 KB)

Who Will Solve the Problem of High-Risk Drinking in Our Community? All of Us
University of Delaware and the City of Newark (
pdf file - 378 KB)
More Bars Than Streetlights: Stepping Up Changes Both Streetscape and Mindscape
University of Iowa and Iowa City (
pdf file - 376 KB)
NU Directions Advances on Solid Foundation and Solid Data
University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the City of Lincoln (
pdf file - 260 KB)
Improving the Quality of Life in Burlington
University of Vermont and the City of Burlington (
pdf file - 353 KB)
Appendices A, B, and C:
Pointers for What Funding Agencies, Consultants, Grantees, Advocates and Universities Need to Know About Conducting and Advocacy Initiative · Individuals Interviewed for the Advocacy Initiative Case History Report · Resources for Campuses and Communities. (
pdf file - 144 KB)